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Karen’s acting career started at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco when she was 15. She acted in three plays on the Geary stage then moved to New York City. Receiving her SAG and AFTRA union cards when she was 18 she began working on soap operas like All My Children and The Guiding Light, commercials for Cheerios and The Army , small movie parts in C.O.D. and Bad Timing directed by Nicolas Roeg, all the while performing in many Off Broadway stage plays and musicals. Moving back to San Francisco in 1986 she was cast in a principle role on “Midnight Caller” staring Gary Cole and a day player role as a doctor on the television series "Jesse Hawkes" created by Robert Conrad. She has also acted in many industrial films for clients like Apple, Chevrolet, The Yellow Pages and more.

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The Intruder - Indi film, Francis Wu directed. 2019 »

Driving Through The Dark - SF State MFA project 2017 »

Live Theater: Who's Afraid of Virgina Wolfe »

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Musical Comedy in 4 Parts:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
The Domino Lady Karen Stilwell

Voice Talent

Karen has always enjoyed voice work and is currently the lead in a “Domino Lady”, series for Audio Comics. (on itunes)

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The Domino Lady "All's Fair In War" »
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Karen Stilwell Art

She also acts in live audio dramas that are produced and then converted to old time radio with “The Four Eyed Jacks”, Director Bill Chessman.

The Biggest, Most Horriblest Monster Ever »

You can hear her on several on line commercials for “The Heritage House”, Marina District San Francisco “One Museum Place” by Hines in Shanghai.

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Android voice:

Hacienda Beach Club & Residences Spa and Beach club spots:

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Documentaries and films written and directed by Karen Stilwell

“Tear Gas Filled the Sky” with host Bill Bailey

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Revictimized at Six

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Teen Idols Cant Hurt you

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I Want Out, 3 Women breaking their Cycles of Abuse

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I'm Not Your Mother

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The Real Jean Roe

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